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When visiting  the Fulflood Arms, you cannot fail to be impressed by the beautifully preserved tiled facade that greets you, especially the ceramic signage that reads "The Winchester Brewery Co Ltd." What happened to the brewery? Well, here's a potted history. It was set up around, or just before, 1812 next to The White Swan Inn in Hyde street by a chap called Nicholas Pyle, who had acquired the site in 1793 so that he could have a bowling green. Yes, really.  Bowls was incredibly popular at the time and greens were usually located in the gardens of taverns and the pub and brewery would be linked to the game for over a hundred years. There were a couple of changes of ownership, and then a partner in the Simmonds Brewery Co, Nicolas Moss MP, bought the freehold of the Winchester Brewery and the business grew to an estate of a hundred and eight pubs, including the Fulflood Arms, with growth only being interupted by an event which began in 1914. After the war, the brewery and pubs were taken over by Marston, Thompson and Evershed Limited of Burton on Trent. You may of heard of them. Brewing carried on for another four years until the premises became a bottling plant until 1969. The pubs were bought from Marstons by Greene King when they sold off their Southern portfolio.